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There is a path to end all suffering. You should take it.

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In the prequels Boxer Santaros must receive a series of tattoos done in the blood of the serpent (Liquid Karma from The Serpent Trench). One of the tattoos he receives is a set of chinese characters that read a buddhist proverb: "There is a path to end all suffering. You should take it."


Madeline asks Boxer about the meaning of his tattoo. See video.


Four Noble Truths‬ - BuddhismEdit

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Four Noble Truths are a Buddhist teaching.


  • The First Noble Truth: Dukkha
Life is full of suffering. Dukkha usually is translated as suffering. In life, we have illness, poverty, disease, old age and death. We cannot keep what we like and can not avoid what we do not like. If this is all we know we suffer.
  • The Second Noble Truth: Samudaya
There is a cause for suffering. The cause of suffering is desire and illusions that are based on ignorance. Because of ignorance wanting something leads clumsy actions, which in turn lead to suffering. Wanting life, wanting death, wanting things, wanting pleasure - all lead to suffering.
  • The Third Noble Truth: Nirodha
There is a state of mind free from suffering. By stopping the cravings, the suffering is stopped.
  • The Fourth Noble Truth: Marga
There is a way to end suffering. To end suffering we must end our cravings. The way to ending cravings is the Eightfold Path