Southland Tales - Exclusive Richard Kelly

Southland Tales - Exclusive Richard Kelly

Southland Tales in the Media

Interviews and AnalysisEdit

by Abraham Riesman
The Holy Grail of Southland Tales interviews and analysis, aka the interview we have all been waiting for.

by: Thomas Rogers
Using material from the Prequel sagas, answers plot questions and explains many of the media and pop-culture references. 

by: Mark Olsen
On the set with R. Kelly during principle photography.

by: Robbie Fordyce
Discussed: Richard Kelly's fall from critical grace / The incomprehensible storyline of "Southland Tales" / Michel Foucault's concept of heterotopia / Justin Timberlake lip-syncing to The Killers / The experimental convolution of a scene in which a fake policeman meets a real policeman who may be fake

by Michael Koresky
Analysis of the mindset of R. Kelly, and the relation of Southland Tales to suicide cults.

By Abraham Riesman
Do you have some money lying around? Want to make an animated prequel to Richard Kelly's fascinating 2007 flop / cult classic Southland Tales? Now's your chance.

By Abraham Riesman
Richard Kelly talks about his new film “Southland Tales” with Matt Singer of IFC News at an indieWIRE-sponsored event at the Apple Store in Soho.

video interview with Richard Kelly by IFC
A Long-Ass Chat with Richard Kelly. Interviewed by Kevin Smith. Recorded live at SModcastle, 11/22/10.


by: Justin Pickard
A critical analysis of Southland Tales in terms of its cognitive mapping of contemporary capitalist society.


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