• Hepkitten

    Things to Do

    July 5, 2013 by Hepkitten

    Eventually this will be a real list. For now I just want to get a bunch of ideas out into one place.


    write base char pages for all main chars. movie + prequels. 

    Movie References

    detail out the various movies references, objects, songs, etc.


    detail out songs used in film, and song references. 

    World Building

    prop 69, us-ident, etc. base pages for all of the world building details. 

    Literary references


    detail out all revelations references and characters. plagues, signs, etc.

    Movie Media

    compile all media references from the movie. all news clips, news headlines, scrolling news, etc etc. 

    IRL Media

    Filming Locations

    IRL Parallels 

    all links and analysis, interviews, video interviews, etc. 

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